What are people saying about Nancy Norton?

Everything was GREAT!!  Nancy was very funny!!  Everyone is talking about what a good time they had.  Thank you again, she did a wonderful job!  ~ Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital

Not only did we appreciate her talent, but Nancy impressed me with being such a great individual as well! Thank you!  ~ Laramie Laughs for a Cause

Nancy was great!  I have heard nothing but overwhelmingly positive comments and remarks regarding her performance.  She was the icing on the cake at our party and the feedback has been enormous  ~ Cheyenne Radiology Group & MRI!

Nancy was FANTASTIC. She had the audience rolling. I myself had tears running down my face and my cheeks were hurting from laughing so hard. ~ Silverthorne Pavilion

It has been great to work with her and I hope that another opportunity arises to bring her back!  ~ Boulder County

Nancy was fabulous! She had people crying in the audience from laughing so hard.  Thanks for recommending her. She was perfect for our situation and audience.